$119.99 = EUCALYPTUS 3 / Centos 6.x 64-bit / KVM / MANAGED NOVLAN /27 public IP’s ..

We launched during the first quarter of 2014 our Cloud Computing offering. We have been researching Cloud Computing choices and platforms since over 2 years now and have examined various options and tested several of the more popular systems. After extensive thought and analysis we decided to adopt the Eucalyptus platform. We will explain in detail the reasons for this choice below.

We chose Eucalyptus because of it’s close similarity to the market leader in Cloud Computing who to this date is Amazon Web Services. Many cloud customers already use or are familiar with the AWS platform and have run AMI’s and S3 storage systems etc. The beauty of Eucalyptus is that it is highly compatible with the AWS framework and instruction sets. It is very easy to create a hybrid cloud which leverages AWS for stability and availability while making use of Eucalyptus for cost efficient testing and production systems. As such we provide for the cost of a high performance VM at AWS a fully compatible high performance cloud with private and public IP’s. Our Eucalyptus Cloud is built on top of a high performance system with 1Gbps connectivity and a sufficient number of IP’s to get started.

So if you are an experienced cloud user/developer or a total beginner or if you wish to provide cloud services then it is enough to just sign up and we will provide a turn key Eucalyptus Cloud ready for use. It is also easy to expand as needed by adding more nodes to the cloud or adding more single clouds on the same network depending on your needs. Not sure where you want to start? Just send us a ticket with any questions and we will be glad to respond and explain. Also there is a huge online community catering to the needs of the Eucalyptus platform users and there is also plenty of information at the AWS community.

Your entry into the Cloud Computing World is just a few clicks away.

Eucalyptus Single Small

Centos 6.x 64-bit / KVM / EUCALYPTUS 3 / MANAGED NOVLAN /27 public IP’s / 26 private IP’s built on:

Dual XEON quad 5420 +16GB RAM +2x500GB SATA +10TB/1Gbps BW

$119.99 monthly

These systems are available from the below link:


Also feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any pre-sales questions you might have.

Kindest regards always,

Cheap VPS Hosting via $119.99 = EUCALYPTUS 3 / Centos 6.x 64-bit / KVM / MANAGED NOVLAN /27 public IP’s ...