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How to Install Vestacp Nginx LEMP Stack with Redis Caching on Ubuntu

This simple step by step tutorial will show you some basic information on how to setup Nginx with standalone Nginx and PHP-fpm (instead of the default one: Nginx as frontend proxy with Apache as backend) complemented with Redis in-memory object caching. The purpose of this setup is to build a fast and lightweight server to host your websites but still to make use of the easiness of VestaCP to setup the whole LEMP stack. Hence, the overall process … More

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HostMada 🌟 NEW Hong Kong VPS Launch 🌟 Direct China Route 🌟 Unmetered BW 🌟 15% OFF 🌟 8 Locations

HostMada is proud to announce the availability and launch of the new Asia location in Hong Kong for all VPS … | Read the rest of

Cheap VPS Hosting via HostMada 🌟 NEW Hong Kong VPS Launch 🌟 Direct China Route 🌟 Unmetered BW 🌟 15% OFF 🌟 8 Locations.… More

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RackLot VPS ★ High Performance ★ KVM [Dedicated Resources] ★ E5-2650v2 4GB RAM 50GB HDD $19.99

Hello WHTalkers!

I’m happy to announce our latest offers to the hosting community :) Please feel free to ask or contact us via our websit… | Read the rest of

Cheap VPS Hosting via RackLot VPS ★ High Performance ★ KVM [Dedicated Resources] ★ E5-2650v2 4GB RAM 50GB HDD $19.99.… More

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Spartan Host | ★DDoS Protected Seattle SSD/HDD KVM + Dallas Storage KVM [$3.00/250gb], 40% OFF!★

Spartan Host – High Performance SSD and HDD DDoS protected VPSs


40% recurring discount on all 512MB+ VPSs! Use coupon KVM40 at checkout

20% recurring discount on all Seattle 256MB VPSs! Use coupon KVM20 at checkout


Spartan Host is a dedicated server, VPS and colocation provider with the majority of its hosting operations based in Seattle, Washington and Dallas, Texas. We began hosting Minecraft Servers but have grown exponentially since building up a reputation of being reliable and


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$5 Semi-Managed, Dallas-based VPS


Our VPS hosting features:

- Powerful Dell Servers Located in Dallas, Texas
- Never oversold – very low load footprint per server
- IPv4 and IPv6 Dual Stack Available. rDNS supported.
- Instant OS Reinstall, Reboot, Shutdown using SolusVM Control Panel
- Low prices all the time – no coupons, contracts, or other gimmicks!
- Perfect for running a variety of control panels or private application servers
- Please note that we do not allow any kind of spam


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Exigent :: Elastic Budget & Economy Cloud Servers :: Sydney & Melbourne

Here at Exigent Australia, we’re letting you select the virtual server resources that you need for your server.

Now with Elastic Budget Cloud Servers and Elastic Economy Cloud Servers you can select the resources that you need and only pay for the resources that you use with our OpenVZ and XEN virtual hosting platforms. With our Elastic Economy Cloud Servers, you can simply select the option to add on and remove our Semi-Management each month.

What are Elastic More

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NVMe SSD P3600 VPS deal: 1vCPU, 2GB RAM, 20GB NVM’e, unlimited BW – $5.80/month . Premium hardware – Data center operator since 2002

Few reviews:…omment_1777271…-io-wuss-wuss/

We use enterprise hardware ( E5 processors, rack server boards, enterprice , RAM, network equipents, UPS/diesel generators ) only!

Node servers – 2 x 2650v4, DDR4 RAM’s, 10 x Intel P3600 NVMe (…-for-pcie.html ) in RAID6 disk space.

KVM plans:

1 vCPU x E5-2650v4, 2GB RAM DDR4 + 2GB vSWAP, 20GB NVMe Disk space, 50Mbps unlimited BW, 1 IPv4 + 1 IPv6 – from $5.81 … More