$20/yr 1GB VPS,$3/mo Win VPS,X3430/16GB/1TB from $16^/mo,Dual X5570 $15/mo,Unmetered

$20/yr 1GB VPS,$3/mo Win VPS,X3430/16GB/1TB from $16^/mo,Dual X5570 $15/mo,Unmetered BW,Dual E5-2650 $100/mo,2xE5-2695v2 2.3Ghz $245

^With 20% Coupon (Feb2015) + Yearly (3/mo Windows/Linux VPS or $30/yr 5IPs VPS. More specials here

Introducing – FreeServer.US – Free 512MB RAM Trial, $20/yr 1GB RAM, $9.99/mo 4GB RAM KVM

Latest Specials:

  • SuperMicro Blade Xeon X3430 with IPMI
  • 10TB on 1Gbps port on Yearly
  • Free Remote Reboot WebPanel
  • $35/mo, $90/3-mo, $240/yr
  • 20% Coupon: Feb2015 = $28/mo, $72/3mo, $192/yr

Please Contact Us or email us at sales at sentris.net for more info.

We’re based in Seattle, WA, USA. We have DC in Seattle,WA and Chicago, IL.

All below plans only for new accounts. Limited quantities, while supplies last.

Custom Servers. Add $30/mo for misc. like Power/Space usage:

  • Free Unmetered 100Mbps Bandwidth on Custom Seattle (Limited Time Only), 10Mbps on 1Gbps port in Custom Chicago
  • Free 1TB GetBackup.Net Cloud Storage
  • Free DirectAdmin Web Controlpanel
  • Free Power Remote Reboot port
  • Dual Xeon E5405 8-Core (Score: 5330) = $8/mo
  • Dual X5570 8-Core 16-CPU w/ IPMI (Score: 9686) = $15/mo (Limited Time Only)
  • Dual X5650 12-Core 24-CPU w/ IPMI (Score: 11777) = $50/mo
  • Dual E5-2650 16-Core 32-CPU 2.0Ghz (Score: 15299) = $100/mo
  • E5-1650v3 6-Core 12-CPU 3.5Ghz (Score: 13587) = $110/mo NEW
  • Dual E5-2695v2 24-Core 48-CPU 2.3Ghz (Score: 23165) = $245/mo NEW
  • $1/mo/1GB RAM -> 64GB = $64/mo
  • 1TB HDD = $8/mo, 2TB = $14/mo
  • GTX 970 4GB Video Card = $50/mo
  • Example deal: W3520, 16GB RAM, 2x1TB SATA RAID0/1, 29 IPs, 1TB Cloud Backup, Unmetered 100Mbps = $60/mo or $159/3-mo
  • Example deal: Dual X5570, 64GB RAM, 2x240GB SSD RAID0/1+1TB SATA, 29 IPs, 1TB Cloud Backup, Unmetered 100Mbps = $139/mo

Setup now takes as fast as 3-12 hours, 24×7, Mon-Sun, after confirmed payment, unless otherwise noted. Add 3-5 business days for shipping on DC locations outside Seattle, WA

See www.rentvps.com for our VPS (Seattle or Chicago):

  • Special KVM VPS 1GB RAM 30GB HDD 5 IPs – $30/YR + $10 setup

Follow us on twitter @sentriscom for latest coupons/specials.

We also offer Colocation at colo.sentris.com from $1 for 1st 3-mo (Seattle only) then $45/mo after for 1U/1Amp 120V:

  • Free 10TB Bandwidth on 100Mbps port (10Mbps on 1Gbps port in Chicago)
  • You can select from Seattle, WA or Chicago, IL location.

And please contact us here or Live Chat

12 FREE or more things you get only from us and 11 reasons to go with us:

1. Free 1 Port Monitoring (Automatic reboot when down):
- Ping or HTTP or FTP or DNS or HTTPS or POP3 or SMTP or Telnet
- ALL for $5 extra per month

2. Free Full Management on Centos with cPanel/DirectAdmin or Windows 2003 with HC.
We’ll move your accounts for you for free, do security updates and fix any issues you may have, like troubleshooting/find malicious scripts for you. We’ll even help installing any 3rd party software when requested. We’ll also secure your server for free, installing things like Zend, mod_security, APF, BFD, Rootkits Protection, EAccelerator, ClamAV, etc. (some of them require a cpanel/whm).

3. Free Anti DDoS Protection with our Free Full Management (see above).
We helps you detect and protect your server from denial-of-service type attacks.
Just contact Us to have us set it up on your server(s).

4. Our Windows 2003 Ent Server comes with Free MUI. It lets you customize windows to different languages, like French, Chinese, Korean, Italian, etc.

5. Free 20GB FTP Backup Storage on our Backup Servers. Please create ticket at http://helpdesk.sentris.com with your billing email address, username and password.

6. Free unlimited reinstall, within reasons. We can’t reinstall for free everyday of every week.

7. Free Load Balancer, requires 2 or more servers, for web/mail/ftp. Contact Us

8. If we give you 4TB in Bandwidth, it is total bandwidth per month, so that can be 3.5TB OUT + 0.5TB IN, not 50/50 = not 2TB IN + 2TB OUT, like many other providers do.

9. Wide selection of main routes you can choose. You can change the backbones anytime you want, we just have to change the IP(s) assigned to you. Bandwidth limit will automatically change depending on the backbone you chose. Any main backbone you chose will be backed by the other backbones, for redundancy. For more info, please see our Network page at [url]http://network.sentris.com/url]

Still not convinced? See for yourself all the Great Reviews we’ve received from some of our clients since 1997.

- Review 1
- Review 2
- Review 3
- More…

10. Free Remote Reboot port to reboot your server from our Client Area. Limited Time offer.

11. Fast Network – see for yourself what our clients say here

12. Free Remote KVM over IP, when needed. Subject to availabilities.

13. Free 1TB Backup via FTP/SFTP/Web.

Backbones and Bandwidth options:

1. Custom – Test IP: Contact Us
A mix of Level(3), PCCW, Comcast, Savvis, private peering with MSN, Earthlink, Google, Yahoo, Speakeasy, BellPac, Group Telecom, 360Network etc.

2. PCCW – Test IP: Contact Us
A direct line to china from a chinese company based in Hongkong.

3. InterNAP – Test IP: Contact Us
A mix of NTT, Level3, Savvis, Verizon, ATT, Sprint, etc.

4. Custom (Chicago) – Test IP: Contact Us
A mix of Level3, Cogent, HE.net, and local peering.

Download Test Custom Seattle – speedtest.sentris.com

RAM – $1/mo per 1GB

Additional 1TB SATA HDD – ($8.00 USD Monthly)
Additional 120GB SSD HDD – ($10.00 USD Monthly)
Additional 240GB SSD HDD – ($20.00 USD Monthly)
Additional 2TB SATA HDD – ($14.00 USD Monthly)
Additional 3TB SATA HDD – ($23.00 USD Monthly)
Additional 480GB SSD HDD – ($40.00 USD Monthly)
Additional 4TB SATA HDD – ($40.00 USD Monthly)
Additional 1TB SSD HDD – ($80.00 USD Monthly)

Over Bandwidth fee is $0.50/GB or $25/mo/1TB.

W2003 Standard Edition: $15/mo extra
W2003 Enterprise Edition: $20/mo extra
W2008 Enterprise Edition (32 or 64-bit): $25/mo extra
W2008 DC (32-bit or 64-bit): $30/mo extra
W2008 R2 available – see order form
W2012 Available – see order form
Centos: Free
Debian: Free
FreeBSD: Free
XenServer: Free (Need CPU with VT or AMD-V)
Ubuntu: Free

Windows ControlPanel
Plesk 11 10 Domains = $6/mo
Plesk 11 100 Domains = $19/mo
Plesk 11 Unlimited Domains = $40/mo

Linux ControlPanel:
Plesk 11 10 Domains = $6/mo
Plesk 11 100 Domains = $19/mo
Plesk 11 Unlimited Domains = $40/mo
cPanel/WHM = $30/mo
cPanel/WHM + Fantastico = $35/mo
cPanel/WHM + Fantastico + RVSkin = $37/mo
DirectAdmin = $9/mo
Softaculous (for DA or cPanel) = $2.5/mo

For more info, please contact us

Your monthly bandwidth usage will now be based on your actual bandwidth usage in GB. You can monitor your bandwidth usage at: http://usage.sentris.com/. Please make sure you monitor it because we do not send out warning if/when you go over.

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