AstroVPS – $3.95 OpenVZ VPS 256MB in Seattle

This host is very new and their site seems pretty simple, no about us or similar, but they do have FAQ and their communication in email was pleasant enough. Also, you have to specify during checkout as to what you’ll be using the VPS for. There’s no coupon code with this one, and they’re sold out of their cheapest plans so we’re going to focus on their second cheapest plan which is “VPS256″. It’s $3.95 a month and hosted in Seattle. You can visit AstroVPS Here. See specs below!

Ram: 256MB guaranteed
Storage: 10GB storage
Bandwidth: 200GB/month data transfer
Stream: 100Mbps
CPU: 1x vCPU cores
IP(s): 1x IPv4 addresses
Virtual Type: OpenVZ/SolusVM
Operating System(s): Linux
VPS Location(s): US
Unique Features: N/A

Acceptable Use
Legal P2P:
VPN: (Private only)
Adult Content:
Proxy: (Private only)
Tor Relay/Exit Node:
All Ports:
rDNS: (Must be changed manually by provider)

Deal Details
Discount Type: N/A
Expires: N/A
Coupon Code: N/A

Provider Information
Domain Registered:
Other Companies/Divisions: N/A
Payment Type(s) Accepted: PayPal
Secure Checkout(HTTPS):
Allow Refund:
Whois Privacy Off:
Test IP/Host:
ISP(s) Used: Sentris Network
Visual Archive: View
Took Hardware Challenge:

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