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Evixo – €4.76 Xen VPS 256MB in Germany 0

Evixo – €4.76 Xen VPS 256MB in Germany

I’m pleased to list this host again, as their last listing, consumers seemed quite happy with it. Not to mention my dealings with their customer support has been very easy, and I like that. Evixo decided to take the new CVD Hardware Challenge for this deal, and you can see the results for that below! Some other updates are they now allow consumers to set rDNS themselves and they offer two free on demand data backups! With this deal we’re … More

Evixo – €2.50 Xen VPS 128MB in Germany 0

Evixo – €2.50 Xen VPS 128MB in Germany

This generous providers cheapest deal is the “Mini VPS” and its normal price is €4($5.25) a month. But if you use the coupon code CHEAPVPSMINI it drops it down 37.5% making the price $3.28 for the life of your account(recurring)! And while we’re just going to focus on that deal below, you can also use the coupon code CHEAPVPSDEALS on all of their other VPS plans it’ll lower them by 20% recurring! You can visit them … More