Customizable & Fully Managed KVM VPS Hosting (Netherlands)
We are a specialized webhost and ISP – a free-speech haven. We serve a growing community of international and non-international clients, with special needs. We aim to provide the best quality, fully managed and affordable hosting solutions for individuals and businesses.
If your site/service is legal in Sweden or the Netherlands, we will host it and keep it online, regardless of any pressure to take it down.

Customizable KVM Hosting

RAM : 512 MB
HDD : 35 GB
Bandwidth : 1000 GB
Full Root Access
Free Drectadmin Control Panel
Fully Managed (Including Installing/Configuring 3rd party Scripts/Binaries)
1Gbit Port Speed
Remote Reboot
As Low As 29.87/Month

Resources Pricing

  • HDD : 0.05$ per Extra 1 GB, Maximum 100GB
  • RAM : 0.01$ per Extra 1 MB, Maximum 4096MB
  • Bandwidth : 0.02$ per Extra 1 GB, Maximum 10000GB


  1. Most of us need only a specific needs of RAM,HDD or Bandwidth. Now we give you the ability to choose what you need most to run your site. get more and save more. Pay for what you need only. say bye bye to pre-package plans.
  2. You can Increase/Decrease your resources anytime.
  3. [ComingSoon] Web Based and VNC Based Console where you can debug Kernel Panics,Reset Root password, Booting Rescue mode.


  1. After Setting VPS. Growing HDD Space is possible without any hassle, however Shrinking may cause Data Loss, so if you want to do that contact our support to do it for you.

Quick FAQ :

What are your payment options?
Paypal, Moneybookers (Skrill) and all major Credit Cards.
How long have you been in business?
We have been in business since October of 2010.
Do you rent servers and where are servers are they located?
Yes we rent our servers in various locations inluding Amsterdam, The Netherlands at Evoswitch datacenter and Stockholm, Sweden at Portlane datacenter.
How long does it take you to setup my account?
Setup will be instantly. We will email your account details to you. VPS and Dedicated Servers however can take 1 – 72 hours depending on availability.
Will you migrate my site over to your servers?
Yes, we do that for you, free of charge.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found here

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Cheap VPS Hosting via Customizable & Fully Managed KVM VPS Hosting (Netherlands).