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Dear WHT-ers,

We are always working away to make EvoBurst Solutions Bigger, Better and more Reliable for all. and with the upcoming Beta of our Anycast DNS Network, Things are looking great!

When the DNS Service is released publically, any registered user can utilize the DNS Service, as it will be 100% Free! No additional costs, no catches ever. The Anycast network is spread *currently* spread over 14 Diverse networks world wide, with more been added before the public release.

This way, we can have a wide global coverage, limiting latency to you, and your customers wherever they may be, so get excited!

We are also planning an upgrade to our Sweden NAT IPv4 VPS node in the next month or two, more information will follow on this at a later time, but we will be getting a more beefy server, and be adding hardware raid and ssd caching, and definitely will not be leaving the great Portlane Network we have all grown to love!

While we have you here, We would like to tell you about our current discounts, The offers below are valid for new services only.

Current Discounts & Offers
MEGA5121.00 DiscountYearly Billing Cycle – Coupon: MEGA1

MEGA10241.50 DiscountYearly Billing Cycle – Coupon: MEGA15

BVZ5121.00 DiscountYearly Billing Cycle – Coupon: BUDGET1

BVZ10241.50 DiscountYearly Billing Cycle – Coupon: BUDGET15

EvoBurst1G5.00 DiscountYearly Billing Cycle – Coupon: BURST15

EvoBurst2G1.00 DiscountMonthly Billing Cycle – Coupon: BURST21

EvoBurst2G10.00 DiscountYearly Billing Cycle – Coupon: BURST210

EvoBurst4G2.00 DiscountMonthly Billing Cycle – Coupon: BURST42

EvoBurst4G20.00 DiscountYearly Billing Cycle – Coupon: BURST420

EvoBurst6G3.00 DiscountMonthly Billing Cycle – Coupon: BURST63

EvoBurst6G40.00 DiscountYearly Billing Cycle – Coupon: BURST640

EvoBurst8G5.00 DiscountMonthly Billing Cycle – Coupon: BURST85

EvoBurst8G100.00 DiscountYearly Billing Cycle – Coupon: BURST8100

Discounts are only available on mentioned billing cycles above, No Currency Conversion is applicable with discounts (ie, 2 Discount on USD currency will equal $2 USD) – Coupons and Offers listed within this offer are for NEW Services ONLY. Valid until 15th November 2015.


We hope you will enjoy our little news,

Best Regards,
– EvoBurst Solutions Team!

Cheap VPS Hosting via EvoBurst Solutions – Great offers – Up to €100 off – Great Yearly Prices!.