SEO VPS | Clean IPv4 | Mixed Class B/C Subnets | GEOIP | NO IPJ REQUIRED!

We have a special offer for our SEO/VPN/Proxy Customers. The following SEO VPS offers 1 IP each on 32 different c-class subnets! This is something that very few ISP’s can or are willing to offer up. We have OVER 5000+ DIFFERENT CLASS-C SUBNETS AVAILABLE!!! If you are in need of geo-location ips for whatever the use, we can accommodate your requests. You will not be required to fill out an IPJ. Which makes it even better for you.

Blazing SEO VPS
50GB Storage
32 IPv4 ips (1 ip on 32 Different C-Class Subnets)
100MB Unmetered
Basic Management
Port25 Closed (no mailers allowed)

SEO VP Plans: – HERE
Server Packages: – HERE
GEOIP Locations: – HERE

This is a custom order and you would need to contact sales direct by email or support ticket if interested. We do have other locations available, and plenty of c-class subnets in different countries and cities if you are looking at a larger footprint or orders. Depending on the product or service needed on seo or proxy, we do offer swaps every XX-XXX number of days when needed for recurring established customers.


– Australia, New Zealand
– Belgium
– Bulgaria
– Germany
– India
– Italy
– Netherlands
– Portugal
– Romania
– Sweden
– Turkey
– Ukraine
– United Kingdom
– United States
– Vietnam

Our mixed subnet product offerings and locations are not going to allow for email, and port25 is closed or throttled. These will be noted on the service at time of ordering, or you can always open a support ticket prior if you have additional questions about a service. SEO, proxy, scrapers and VPN still allowed in these locations however.

We have multiple locations and subnets available in many of the more popular countries listed above. Unless otherwise stated, your ips are assigned at random based on availability of resources at the time of your order. If you need a particular location for SEO or VPN purposes, please open a support ticket and make sure that it’s available for your needs or projected use.

As long as it’s legal in accordance with U.S. law, and we are not flooded with abuse complaints, you should be fine.

You must pass pre-screen upon sign up to be eligible for service. If you are signing up via proxy, VPN, or using information that does not match up to your geoip meaning that you often times you will be flagged as possible fraud in the billing software and your order will be declined. Additionally, there are some orders received that will require manual review based on MaxMind and FraudRecord scoring before final approval. Delivery will typically be 2-4 business hours from receipt of payment on your order. Please note that during promotional campaigns and discount offers, these can effect deployment turn around times in the provisioning queue.

If you have additional concerns, please open up a SUPPORT TICKET prior to ordering.

Cheap VPS Hosting via SEO VPS | Clean IPv4 | Mixed Class B/C Subnets | GEOIP | NO IPJ REQUIRED!.