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Exclusive VPS storage offer 16$ for 250 GB

Good morning,

Here is a great deal for you. Just few stock available:
- 4 GB vRAM
- 4 vCores
- KVM virtualization
- 250 GB storage
- Unlimited bandwidth
- 1 IPv4 address
- ONLY 16$ per month
- 24 hours activation max
- USA server location

ORDER NOW: https://manager.hostibox.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=55

Hostibox is the leader in african web hosting industry. We are in IT business since 1998, launched our hosting brand in 2015, and got ~2000 of orders this year.


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[BudgetNode] LOS ANGELES! • $12/year • OpenVZ • Free Inbound • 40Gbps DDoS Mitigation

BudgetNode is a brand of Access Internet Ltd (Company Number: 10219199) which was founded this year by me a… | Read the rest of http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1589508&goto=newpost

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Cheap VPS Hosting via [BudgetNode] LOS ANGELES! • $12/year • OpenVZ • Free Inbound • 40Gbps DDoS Mitigation.… More

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★★★★ HostingBox Resource Bundles ★★ 6GB RAM ★★ 150GB Space ★★ 6 IPs ★★ $18/quarter ★★★★

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Cheap VPS Hosting via ★★★★ HostingBox Resource Bundles ★★ 6GB RAM ★★ 150GB Space ★★ 6 IPs ★★ $18/quarter ★★★★.… More

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ClickVPS.net ★☆★ Budget NL SSD VPS Hosting ★ 1GB RAM €3,74/mo ★ LIMITED OFFER!!! ★☆★

★☆★ ClickVPS.net ★☆★ https://www.clickvps.net/

ClickVPS.net offers affordable VPS servers with great features and good performance. Just basic servers, without add-ons or services you don’t need, and with the prices you want to pay.

Our brand represents a division of Andrino Telecom, a small but well stablished company based in Spain that provides professional internet services, backed by a passionate team of people with years of experience running servers, so even if you’re buying a budget VPS hosting service, … More