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OneVPS.com • USA, Europe and Asia • 7 locations, geolocation, v4 and v6 with 10% OFF


OneVPS.com is part of the Think Huge Ltd group, founded in 2012 and growing since. We began as a team of engineers determined to build reliable and robust servers, initially for our own use. Our passion for hardware soon spawned a fast growing business providing technology and infrastructure for tens of thousands of clients across the globe.

Our servers are housed in many of the most respected data centres in the world like Equinix or Interxion

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Handling Growth From Shared Hosting to VPS to Dedicated and Beyond! Truly Fully Managed Servers

Handling growth from a few users to thousands and millions is not an easy feat. It takes practice and years of an ever evolving experience. The thought of needing to scale up and out is mentally taxing — not to mention it requires a significant money-investment. But I want you to free your mind and stop thinking about the ramifications. That mental effort is better put toward evolving and strengthening your business. What’s the plan?

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