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[MilesWeb]SSD VPS Hosting in India [email protected] $4 | 12 Core CPU | 500GB SSD Storage | 32GB RAM | 25% OFF

Get the stability and flexibility of private server hosting sans the costs and its complexities. VPS hosting is an intermediate solution bet… | Read the rest of http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1670398&goto=newpost

Cheap VPS Hosting via [MilesWeb]SSD VPS Hosting in India [email protected] $4 | 12 Core CPU | 500GB SSD Storage | 32GB RAM | 25% OFF.… More

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Add a new site in Vestacp Nginx+Php-fpm+Redis server (and install WordPress)

Continuing our last article on how to setup a lightning fast webserver based on VestaCP with super LEMP configuration of Nginx, Php-fpm, MySQL, and Redis caching. Previously we have told you how you can easily have such configuration making use of VestaCP, a free control panel software that can be installed easily. This time, we are going to show you some basic steps necessary to add a new website, manually install WordPress, and configure Redis caching to boost up site … More

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How to Install and Use Memcached with Nginx, PHP 7 on Ubuntu 16.04

We have several articles about Varnish, a popular technology to cache your website in server’s memory / RAM and therefore it can boost the speed of your website and enlighten your server load. Today, I will show you another in-memory caching technology which is earlier and more popular than Varnish Cache. Meet Memcached! In sort, it is a distributed in-memory caching system that stores key-value pairs in your server’s RAM. The purpose of using this technology is still the

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How to Configure IPv6 on Ubuntu and CentOS

IPv6 Configuration Wallpaper

When we purchase a virtual machine (VM) or virtual private server (VPS) from a provider, there are times whereby we have to configure the IPv6 address manually on the server. This may be due to the fact that IPv6 is not enabled by default on the server, even if the provider already supports it on the network level. Your provider might be giving you a static IPv6 address for you to configure manually on the server.

Below article contains step-by-step … More

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How to Install WordPress on Apache Server (Ubuntu 15.10)

Looking a way to manually install WordPress on Apache based Ubuntu server / vps? Here’s the step by step tutorial (with pictures) for newbie. This article is part of “How to Set Up Full Apache Stack on Ubuntu 15.10.”

  1. A SSH client like Bitvise or Putty and basic knowledge about how to use it.
  2. Basic knowledge about common Unix command to SSH to your server.
  3. A server or VPS with at least 256MB of RAM (OpenVZ)
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Set up Full Apache Stack on Ubuntu 15.10 VPS

You don’t need to install the whole package of any Hosting Control Panel especially if your server has minimum RAM quota. Just follow this thorough guide on setting up Apache, PHP, MariaDB MySQL and PhpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 15.10 server. This tutorial will guide you, with screenshot pics, to all the steps needed to build a working web server to host dynamic websites like WordPress, Joomla, etc. This full stack Apache package is most commonly known as LAMP Stack (Linux, More

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How to Install VestaCP with Nginx + PHP-fpm

VestaCP is known nowadays as the best free and easy to use hosting control panel (according on me). Well, as you may know that by default Vestacp implements Nginx as frontend webserver while makes use of Apache as backend. This becomes the most common configuration allowing its users to enjoy the speed of Nginx –in delivering static contents– while also the easiness and flexibility of Apache.

In today’s guide, I’m going to show you how to … More

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How to Fix WordPress Asking for FTP Credentials on Webuzo

So you installed Webuzo and run WordPress on your VPS but suddenly when you are about to install new plugin or theme WordPress asks you to enter FTP credentials. Yet, that also happens every time you want to install or update a plugin or theme. So how to fix that?

webuzo wp asking ftp

Well, there are basically two solutions you can follow one of it which are: by changing your WordPress directory ownership or by editing wp-config.php file. In this article I’ll show

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How to Enable REMI Repo on CentOS 7, 6 and 5

This article will guide you how to install and enable REMI (by Remi Collect) repository (repo) on your CentOS server. And that’s including CentOS 7.x, CentOS 6.x and CentOS 5.x but you can also apply the steps on RHEL, Scientific Linux or Fedora. Before we proceed, it is better to firstly get to know what is Remi repo?

What is Remi Repository?

It is a third-party repository created and maintained by a French guy called Remi Collect as his “little”