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[SERVERFIELD] Taiwan Virtual Servers. 7.49$/mo. first 2 months. Instant Setup.


For those looking for affordable China route Virtual Servers in Taiwan, we have prepared following configs at https://serverfield.com.tw/taiwan-virtual-server.php

Taiwan Virtual Server – Small
1x vCPU Core 1Ghz
10GB Pure SSD
250GB Traffic – China Route Included
100Mbps Uplink
1x IPv4
1x /80 IPv6 Subnet
Taipei, Taiwan Location
Online OS Reloading Ability
KVM Platform

Monthly Recurring Cost: 14.99$/mo. ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE WITH EV SSL!
Use Promo Code: K190QQBK5Y to get %50 off for the first 2 months. 7.49$


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OrcaBox.com | Supercharged KVM VPS servers starting at $3/mo | Windows or Linux | Germany

OrcaBox.com are specialists in vps hosting, our company aims to provide highly reliable services at affordable rates.
This offer is limited, it’s located in Germany with 100% uptime guarantee.
We are committed to customer satisfaction and performance.


1 Xeon E5-1650V2 vCPU
512 MB RAM
1 TB Bandwidth
Linux or Windows with your license.
10Gbps DDoS Protection
24/7 Online Support




2 Xeon E5-1650V2 vCPU


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GoldenBeaverHosting.com | KVM VPS with SSD and DDoS protection | Starting a $10.00/month

At our beginning in 2012, our core business was the hosting of teamspeak servers for online gamers and the hosting of their team’s website. … | Read the rest of http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1650451&goto=newpost

Cheap VPS Hosting via GoldenBeaverHosting.com | KVM VPS with SSD and DDoS protection | Starting a $10.00/month.… More

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Taiwan INSTANT ACTIVATION Linux & Windows VPS. IPv6 Available. From 49$/mo.


Please find the INSTANT ACTIVATED Taiwan VPS packages below. Once your payment is cleared, your server will be setup and the login information be sent by the system.

Taiwan Cloud Small
1x vCPU Core 1Ghz
20GB Pure SSD in RAID10
500GB Traffic
100Mbps Uplink
1x IPv4
1x /112 IPv6 Subnet
Chunghwa Telecom (Hinet) Taichung Datacenter

Monthly Recurring Cost: 49$/mo. CLICK TO ORDER ONLINE

Taiwan Cloud Medium
2x vCPU Core 2Ghz
20GB Pure SSD in RAID10


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VestaCP Nginx Php-fpm Performance On OpenVZ VPS

Here is another short review on how an OpenVZ-based VPS running VestaCP with Nginx and Php-fpm stack can perform in a real production environment hosting real website with real traffic. Previously, I also posted another short review about VestaCP performance using its default configuration (Nginx as frontend proxy, Apache as webserver, PHP, and MySQL). The result was pretty impressive which until then the server received traffic spike. The server was basically ok but I had to move it to another

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[TURKEY] 2Ghz CPU, 4GB Memory, 40GB SSD, 2IPv4, 100Mbps Unmetered. 44.99$/mo.


We are now running a limited promo for our VPS in Turkish location.

Please find the specs below;

- 2 Ghz Guaranteed CPU
- 4GB DDR3 Memory
- 40GB SSD Storage
- 100 Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
- 2 IPv4 (additional 2 USD/each)
- Bursa – Turkey Location.

- Dedicated Resources on VMWARE Platform

Promo Price: 44.99$/mo. To order simply PM here or email us at info at 7x24web.net

We can accept PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer (for annual payments) as


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VestaCP Performance on OpenVZ VPS – A Short Review

I will not talk about how fast is a website hosted at VPS running VestaCP on it. Instead, I will talk about how powerful is the performance of VestaCP to handle real website traffic on a real production environment. This short review is taken from my another website with following configuration :

  • Server : VPS (Virtual Private Server
  • Virtualization : OpenVZ
  • OS : CentOS 6 Minimal 32-bit
  • RAM : 2GB (512MB VSWAP)
  • CPU Model  : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1240 v3
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★★ KrakenServers VPS Sale 2GB ram / 4 cores/ $7.00 / IPv4 And IPv6 / DDoS Protection★★

Welcome to KrakenServers

Has your recent provider left you in the dark? Do you need help setting your sever up ? Order now and be online … | Read the rest of http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1548662&goto=newpost

Cheap VPS Hosting via ★★ KrakenServers VPS Sale 2GB ram / 4 cores/ $7.00 / IPv4 And IPv6 / DDoS Protection★★.… More

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European XEN VPS Hosting – 15% LIFETIME Discount – 24/7 Support

EliteNetHosting have over 10 years experience working with clients to ensure the best experience for their information technology needs.
Ensuring their needs for reliablity, accesibility and security are meet at all times.

Sign up now and get 15% LIFETIME Discount on all our hosting plans.
Use this promotion code: S78SW4F1PQ (Expires 30/09/2014)

VPS – 1
Memory: 512 MB – Disk Space: 10 GB – Monthly Bandwidth: 200 GB – 1 IP Addresses Included
Only 7.45 monthly Signup now

VPS – More