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[EU] & [USA] ★ VPS in Germany & US ★ (pay by Bitcoin, cc, PayPal)

BASIC Networks offers fully managed new SuperMicro 8-Core Xeon servers and VPS servers in the United States and in Germany, Level(3) data centers. Best, most reliable infrastructure and network with great connectivity witin Europe, Russia, to Middle East, and to Africa (and to the US in any case)! We have been in business for over 15 years.
We accept credit cards, PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers), Paysafecard, Dwolla, Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, etc.), and many other local payment methods.… More

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UP TO 6 MONTHS FREE – ezWHS.com – 1 vCPU +2GB RAM +30GB SSD +2IP +3TB/1Gbps +30GB S3

We would like to present, Easy Web Hosting Services, ezWHS.com.

Easy Web Hosting Services is a new concept that attempts to bridge the gap between an end user and the complicated and ever changing Web Services Industry. The purpose is to reduce services to the most basic common denominators so as to provide speedy deployment. As a real life example we will assume someone has been working on a blog or website on a home server or free shared hosting


SIMPLE. FAST. SECURE. RELIABLE. Hosting made in Germany for everyone from 2.99 EUR. 0

SIMPLE. FAST. SECURE. RELIABLE. Hosting made in Germany for everyone from 2.99 EUR.


You can read our plans below in detail or maybe the following introduction. Its your choice.


First of all: thank you for your attention! We do not want to waste your time and this finding is also
reflected in our service. The Mission, which we are committed, based on German virtues: develop and offer
the best service that is possible for an affordable price. Or simply said: hosting made in

Load Balancing Server For Dummies: Tutorial Part 1 0

Load Balancing Server For Dummies: Tutorial Part 1

How can I build a load-balancing server using low end VPS? Your answer is here. As promised before, I will write a practical tutorial to guide newbies and dummies build their own zero-downtime hosting using load-balancing setup. The main purpose of using load balancing is keeping your website up through traffic spikes as well as to keep your site’s up and accessible even one of hosting server is down. The main point of how such kind of technology works

WebHostingPad Coupon 20% off Your Hosting Bill 0

WebHostingPad Coupon 20% off Your Hosting Bill

You can try this Webhostingpad coupon to reduce your web hosting invoice by 20%.

Webhostingpad consistently move forward the advance for superiority in web hosting solution.WHP has been credited with various awards and recognition for their ongoing efforts to supply high quality hosting service to all clients.

They are continuously upgrading their software and replacing their hardware if necessary to maintain with the continually changing in the hosting industry.

All WHP servers are operated on top-notch, well-known hardware and software, … More

Beware Kloxo Exploit! 0

Beware Kloxo Exploit!

klox logo From the very beginning I never use Kloxo but that doesn’t mean I hate it. That’s simply because I was interested with something else than that phenomenal free hosting control panel that has been getting so much attention and fanatic users. It’s a nice control panel software can be installed even on a low end VPS and it’s also resource-friendly compared to its major competitor, WHM/cPanel.

Just recently I got few emails come in from several providers telling a big