[UK] xenSmart.co.uk – BLOW OUT! Huge Sale!

Here is your chance to grab yourself a real bargain! Were running a very time limited blow out sale on some of our larger VPS packages, its strictly on a first come first serve basis and wont be around for long!

We provide affordable, powerful and highly reliable Cloud Hosting / Virtual Private Servers powered by the Xen Hypervisor. Our group has been in business since 2006, we own full racks of servers/switching equipment and manage 2000+ VPS globally. We even consult for other well-known VPS companies!

We have recently added Arbor DDoS Protection and Mitigation! (5.00/Month)



1024MB RAM
1024MB Swap
60GB Disk Space
750GB Monthly Transfer
Price: 12.99 4.99/Month with coupon BLOWOUT1 – [Order Now]

2048MB RAM
2048MB Swap
130GB Disk Space
1500GB Monthly Transfer
Price: 24.99 8.99/Month with coupon BLOWOUT2 – [Order Now]

3072MB RAM
3072MB Swap
200GB Disk Space
2000GB Monthly Transfer
Price: 36.99 12.00/Month with coupon BLOWOUT3 – [Order Now]

4096MB RAM
4096MB Swap
260GB Disk Space
2500GB Monthly Transfer
Price: 48.99 18.00/Month with coupon BLOWOUT4 – [Order Now]

5120MB RAM
5120MB Swap
320GB Disk Space
3000GB Monthly Transfer
Price: 59.99 25.00/Month with coupon BLOWOUT5 – [Order Now]

6144MB RAM
6144MB Swap
380GB Disk Space
3500GB Monthly Transfer
Price: 69.99 30.00/Month with coupon BLOWOUT6 – [Order Now]

8192MB RAM
8192MB Swap
540GB Disk Space
4500GB Monthly Transfer
Price: 89.99 39.99/Month with coupon BLOWOUT8 – [Order Now]

All VPS Include:

* 1x IPv4 Address, additional IP’s are 1/Month each
* 4x CPU Cores (Larger VPS have higher priority)
* SolusVM for instant reboots/reloads/reverse DNS
* Instant setup (Subject to fraud checks)
* 7 Day money back guarantee
* 24×7 Technical Support (Hardware/Network only)
* 99.9% Network uptime Guarantee.

Xen PV Operating Systems

* Arch 2014.07
* CentOS 5.10, 6.5, 7.0
* Debian 6.0, 7.6
* Fedora 20
* Gentoo 2014.08
* OpenSuSe 13.1
* Scientific 5.10, 6.5, 7.0
* Slackware 14.1
* Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, 12.04 LTS, 14.04 LTS


* Additional IPv4 Address – 1.00/Month per IP
* Arbor DDoS Protection – 5.00/Month
* Additional Bandwidth – 23.00/Month per 1000GB
* Monitoring & reboot (Ping/HTTP/POP3/SMTP/IMAP) – 1.99/Month
* cPanel/WHM & Proactive Management – 25.00/Month
* cPanel/WHM – 12.00/Month
* DirectAdmin – 5.00/Month

Host Machine Hardware

* Quad-Core Intel or AMD CPU
* 8GB/12GB/16GB/32GB RAM
* 4-8 Western Digital RE4 HDD in a RAID10 Configuration
* Adaptec 5405/5805/5805Z Hardware RAID Controllers
* 100Mbps Full Duplex Dedicated Connection


* IOMART AS-20860
* Carriers include TiNET, Telia, Teleglobe, LINX, LonAP, 200+ Peers
* 100% Cisco Network, 6500 Series Routers & 3750 Series Edge Switches in HSRP
* Test IP: | Uptime Stats: Click Here*

Contact Us

For more information please visit our website http://www.xensmart.co.uk*

Alternatively, please email [email protected]


Cheap VPS Hosting via [UK] xenSmart.co.uk – BLOW OUT! Huge Sale!.