Up2VPS – $7 OpenVZ VPS 2GB, 2TB Bandwidth in Germany, Seattle(US)

This company easily has one of the best offers i’ve seen thus far, in terms of specs. With their second cheapest plan giving 2 GB’s of memory, 80GB of diskspace, and 2TB of bandwidth, that’s pretty amazing and probably why they’re sold out of various plans! I will say though i’ve seen a couple consumers complain they’re slow on answering tickets, but they seemed to answer mine quite fast. The normal price for their second cheapest offer is $8.95 a month, however if you use the coupon
code 2012 it takes off 21% dropping the price to $7 for the life of your account(recurring)! You can visit them Here. check out the specs below!

Note: The coupon code works on their windows offers too!

Ram: 2GB guaranteed
Storage: 80GB storage
Bandwidth: 2TB data transfer
Stream: 100Mbps
CPU: 4x vCPU cores
IP(s): 1x IPv4, 10x IPv6(For Germany only and have to request them) addresses
Virtual Type: OpenVZ/SolusVM
Operating System(s): Linux
VPS Location(s): DE, US
Unique Features: N/A

Acceptable Use
IRC: (Private only)
Legal P2P:
Adult Content:
Proxy: (Private only)
Tor Relay/Exit Node:
All Ports:
rDNS: (Must be changed manually by provider)

Deal Details
Discount Type: Recurring (takes off 21%)
Expires: N/A
Coupon Code: 2012

Provider Information
Domain Registered:
Other Companies/Divisions: N/A
Payment Type(s) Accepted: PayPal, Credit Card, 2Checkout
Secure Checkout(HTTPS):
Allow Refund:
Whois Privacy Off:
Test IP/Host:,
ISP(s) Used: Hetzner, Beyond The Network America
Visual Archive: View
Took Hardware Challenge:

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