VirtualSrv suspended

Quick update, I just found out that the VPS’s I use(VirtualSrv) just had all of their data center accounts suspended by Ubiquity Servers(they claim because of a node abuse). This includes their Phoenix, Chicago and Atlanta locations. And this comes after them being offline a few weeks ago for late payments…either way it’s clear VirtualSrv is finished, and it’s a real shame as I was really rooting for them. I’m bit annoyed i’m not getting the service I payed for, but more so that I currently have no access to my files. But fortunately I do have backups so no big deal. I’m currently running CVDBot off my home computer until I get it on a new server, but other than that nothing on this site or CheapServerDeals is affected. For those who you who were also VirtualSrv customers you always have the option of filing a complaint with Paypal to try and get your money back.