Week passed!

Well this site is now a little over a week old and in that time i’ve managed to get 26 cheap VPS deals listed! And I must say it’s been a real enjoyable experience, in part, because of all the great deals i’ve found, and that were presented to me, but mostly because because of all you guys, and your positive feedback, which is very much appreciated! So thank you! My hopes are that this site continues to be useful to you, and continues to grow, now and in the years to come! I also hope as time goes on more of you will take the time to comment on deals posted and join in on the forums, as your input is invaluable. I’ll continue to work hard for you guys to find the quality and keep it moving. Here are some Q and A’s.

Q: That’s all nice, but what’s in it for you?
A: Well short of meeting interesting people, and finding great VPS deals, what’s in it for me is ad revenue, I plan on putting some provider ads on the side eventually, but nothing obnoxious.

Q: Why should I trust your reviews?
A: My promise to you, right now, right here is i’ll never be bias in my listings, I’ll always try and be fair and accurate. That is also why I encourage input, as your feedback on deals helps others stay informed before they spend their hard earned money. As I can’t stand scammers or people getting scammed.

Q: What can we expect in the future?
A: Well definitely more deals listed! I try and update daily. You can also expect enhancements to the site, this week for instance I spruced up things up a bit, added a new logo, better navigation, and a few other things. I plan on working on the forum pretty soon too. My ultimate goal for the site is to have it stay simple, yet extremely useful and enjoyable to use. Tonight I’ll be adding at least one deal and an about section to explain a little about myself, VPS’s, etc…

Q: Is there anything I can do to help?
A: Absolutely! I’m always on the lookout for new deals so you can contact me anytime about that(listed on the side), and also if you find the site useful tell your friends and colleagues!