YardVPS – $6.36 Xen VPS 512MB in Los Angeles

The kind folks at YardVPS who also own PhotonVPS as well as Profuse Solutions, have been in the industry since 1999! The deal they have going on now is 20% off all of their plans, if you use the coupon YARDVPS. We’re going to focus just on the cheapest one, which is $7.95 a month, and combined with the coupon it knocks it down to $6.36 for the life of your account(recurring)! You can visit them Here. The specs are below.

Note: This deal ends 03/01/2012

Ram: 512MB memory/1GB swap
Storage: 20GB storage(RAID 10)
Bandwidth: 1.5TB/month data transfer
Stream: 100Mbps
CPU: 1x vCPU cores
IP(s): 1x IPv4, unlimited IPv6(have to open a ticket)
Virtual Type: Xen/SolusVM
Operating System(s): Linux
VPS Location(s): US

Acceptable Use
Legal P2P:
Adult Content:
Tor Relay/Exit Node:
rDNS: (changed manually by provider)

Deal Details
Discount Type: Recurring
Expires: 03/01/2012
Coupon Code: YARDVPS

Provider Information
Domain Registered:
Payment Type(s) Accepted: Paypal, Credit card, Alipay
Allow Refund:
Test IP/Host:, 2604:6600:1019::2
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