YourDomainGoesHere – $4.50 OpenVZ VPS 512MB in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas

Well this company has extremely limited stock(only 2 slots available for their Chicago location last time I checked) so if you want to try them out you might want to do it soon. Hopefully more stock will open up though. Their cheapest VPS plan is $5 however if you use the coupon code CVD it takes off 10% and drops the price down to $4.50 a month for the life of your account(recurring)! You can visit them Here. See specs are below.

Ram: 512MB guaranteed/1024MB burstable memory
Storage: 30GB storage
Bandwidth: 1TB/month data transfer
Stream: 100Mbps
CPU: 2x vCPU cores
IP(s): 1x IPv4
Virtual Type: OpenVZ/SolumVM
Operating System(s): Linux
VPS Location(s): US

Acceptable Use
Legal P2P:
Adult Content:
Tor Relay/Exit Node:

Deal Details
Discount Type: Recurring (takes off 10%)
Expires: N/A
Coupon Code: CVD

Provider Information
Domain Registered:
Payment Type(s) Accepted: Paypal, Google Checkout
Allow Refund: 7 day money back guarentee
Test IP/Host: N/A
Visual Archive: View

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