Best 100m Unmetered Dedicated Server

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Here you will find some of our best picks when it comes to 100m unmetered dedicated servers. it’s important to note that unmetered means different things to different hosting companies, so you should always check that unmetered actually means unmetered. A lot of the time, companies call it unmetered dedicated hosting to pull you in from google, and then on the sales page the reality is something different.

You should also absolutely check out terms of service, as some unmetered servers are limited – for example, some will not let you stream video content, because it is naturally bandwidth intensive. Be sure to read all terms before signing up to a service that is offering unmetered services, otherwise it could well be a costly mistake.

Below are some options for unmetered dedicated servers, scroll down the page for servers in your country.

100m Unmetered Dedicated Server Options

Cloudiver (UK)

Our first pick is a London based company offering true unmetered dedicated servers based in the London dockland area. Cloudiver have been established since 2013, and their business seems to be going from stretght to strength, with a 4.4 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot. If you are looking for a premium, high perfroming service at a reasonable price, you’re audience are based in the UK, then Cloudiver is one powerful solution offering true 100m unmetered dedicated servers.

Prices start from £199, and DirectAdmin comes with no extra charges.

Check out Cloudiver for the latest prices, services and offers available.

Reliable Site (USA)

ReliableSite offers unmetered dedicated server options located in the USA. If you’re audience is located in the USA, then ReliableSite is one of the best providers of unmetered dedicated servers. Established in 2006, reliableSite has established itself as one of the most reliable and robust hosting companies in the USA with rapid deployment servers taking just 10 minutes to deploy. Fully configurable server setup takes 48 hours.

Prices start at just $55 a month, which is extremely competite.

A variety of servers and configs are available, allowing you to choose the best option for you and your business, from Intel to AMD, the choice is there.
What we like most about Reliable Site is the sheer amount of choice of servers on offer – you really can pick one that is most suiatble to you and your business:

All servers and equipment are owned and operated by reliable Site, and every service comes with free DDoS protection, around the clock protection of data centers and 100% uptime and free RAID protection to prevent the worst from happening.

ReliableSite are a reliable and robust company, with plenty of options and cuistomisation on offer at a fiercly competitive price. Check their website, or jump on chat with an agent now.

Why 100m Unmetered Dedicated Server?

The biggest reason why you would go with an unmetered dedicated server is to avoid costly overage fees when exceeding your bandwidth. This can get costly quickly, so an unmetered server is the perfect answer.

Most dedicated servers are metered – meaning that bandwidth use is monitored, and once over the agreed amount, charges are added on top of the initial monthly charges as overage fees. Bandwidth is the data transfered to and from your server.

Another reason you might go the unmetered route is because you are simply not sure on the bandwidth you require, or you simply want peace of mind. Install whatever applications you want when you want, use as many security features as you wish – all without worrying about bandwidth charges and penalties.




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