Cheap VPS Deals (2020)

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cheap vps deals

If you are looking for cheap VPS deals, then first of all, congratulations. Because I’m absolutely sure that 99.9% of people looking for VPS deals, don’t need anything else other than a cheap deal. No need for a VPS that is going to cost you hundreds of dollars a year if you only have a few thousand visitors a month.

A properly configured VPS costing you just a few dollars a month is just as good as a poorly configured VPS costing two, three or four times that.

Let’s not beat around the bush though – you already know that. So below are the best, and cheapest VPS deals out there, as of August 2020.

Cheap VPS Deals (August 2020)


Probably the best kept secret in the hosting industry, these guys have no need to advertise – they rely on word of mouth, so you won’t find these guys listed on many sites. But if you want a cheap VPS deal right now, and only want to pay monthly, then you absolutely need to take a look at Hawkhost.

Hawkhost basic VPS service costs $5 a month. Yep, five lousy bucks. Thankfully the whole experience and service from Hawkhost is anything but lousy – complete the opposite in fact.

You get the usual services from a starter VPS plan – the usual one of CPU, RAM and bandwidth, and 20GB SSD. Additionally, you can add what you need for a one time fee, such as Litespeed server, cPanel etc. 

Go and check out Hawkhost now to see how they can hook you up with a cheap VPS deal that doesn’t compromise performance. 


Our 2nd pick is Hostinger Starter VPS plans, which come in at $9.95 a month. You’ll get the standard 1 Core, 1GB RAM, 20GB SSD storage, 1TB bandwidth, but you’ll also get stuff that other hosting providers charge extra for like root access, a dedicated IP address, and a 100mb/s connection guaranteed etc.

That is a monthly payment of $9.95. Pay up front for 1, 2 or 4 years, and it gets progressively cheaper. Whilst you have to put down a lump sum at the start, you can clear your VPS costs from your monthly budgets because it’s all paid for upfront.

Why do we rate Hostinger so highly? Easy – they are a reputable company, they have been around a long, long time and they are able to offer services like cheap VPS hosting and shared hosting because of their success from providing a very good hosting experience at a very reasonable price. Go and check out Hostinger here.



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